GRAND GOURMET Utility knife 12cm

Award-winning design, uncompromising performance

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WMF Grand Gourmet: Performance and design

The WMF Grand Gourmet Kitchen Knife delivers impressive sharpness and durability, with Performance Cut Technology ensuring long-lasting performance. The 12 cm blade is expertly hand-forged in special non-corrosive and acid-resistant blade steel, for a utility knife that performs like no other. Offering balanced designs in perfect harmony, enhanced ergonomics, seamless handles, and safe finger protection, discover high-performance kitchen knives at WMF standards of quality.
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WMF Performance Cut technology
An optimized hardening process and the latest laser-precision technology produce a special pointed cutting angle with exceptional, long-lasting sharpness—day after day, cut after perfect cut.
Sturdy, long-lasting blade
The hand-forged blade is crafted from rust-free, acid-resistant special blade steel—for sturdy performance and lasting resistance to corrosion over time.
Perfect balance
Cutting and chopping like never before, with a massive forged steel bolster ensuring the perfect balance of weight in the hand for exceptional comfort and precision.
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Product Name
GRAND GOURMET Utility knife 12cm
finger guard
Handle Color
Brushed Stainless Steel
Active part material
Stainless Steel



Broken Blade wmf grand gourmet knife 12
I’ve had the knife just under 1 year and yesterday it fell onto our reasonably soft resin floor and the blade broke. Unacceptable for an expensive knife.
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