The ideal way to sharpen any kitchen knife—even Japanese blades

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WMF Whetstone: Exceptional Sharpening Performance

The WMF Sharpening Stone was designed to restore peak sharpness to all your favorite kitchen knives, for long-lasting performance and optimal results even on extremely hard blades forged from materials like Damascus steel. The two-stage reversible sharpening surface ensures quick and easy sharpening in no time, offering one side with coarse grain for grinding and the other with fine grain for polishing.
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Suitable for all blades
This versatile whetstone covers all your favorite kitchen knives, ensuring outstanding sharpening results on even extremely hard blades like Damascus steel.
Two-stage reversible sharpening
The two-stage reversible cutting surface—one side with coarse grain for grinding and the other with fine grain for polishing—ensures optimum sharpening results on all straight-blade knives.
Longer life for your blades
Discover the benefits of regular sharpening and care, extending the life and peak sharpness of all your favorite kitchen knives.
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