Kids cutlery set Animals, 4-piece

Kid-friendly cutlery set with a playful embossed animal motif — for children aged 3 and up

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WMF Kids Cutlery Set: Child-Friendly Design

The WMF 4-Piece Kids Cutlery Set features a child-friendly design that improves independent eating skills while ensuring fun meals every day. Appropriate for ages 3 and up, the size and shape of these children's cutlery—including child's fork, child's knife, child's spoon, small child's spoon—make this the perfect first cutlery set, for total safety and development of fine motor skills. WMF's exclusive patented Cromargan®: stainless steel 18/10 is robust, long-lasting and dishwasher-safe for everyday convenience.
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Child-friendly design
Designed to add a playful touch to mealtime while helping children learn to eat on their own, discover the perfect kid-friendly cutlery set, with unique ergonomics, a safe design, and the timeless appeal of animal imagery.
Ages 3 and up
The ergonomics, design and function of this children's cutlery set are perfectly appropriate for ages 3 and up, made specifically to foster independent eating while brightening up the learning process.
Safe design
The four-piece set was designed specifically with child safety in mind: a gently serrated knife, spoon rims with rounded edges and a fork with short, dull tines.
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Product Name
Kids cutlery set Animals, 4-piece
Dishwasher safe
WMF Design Studio
16,5X18X16,5X13 Cm
knive type
Number of products in package
4 pieces


Debra D'Souza
WMF Kids cutlery
Having bought this product when my son was small and losing the dessert spoon. I was amazed that this product was still available. The set is of high quality and is long lasting. I have ordered another set for my Grand children.
tiere children's cutlery set
WMF children's cutlery Tiere
Many years ago I bought the 4 piece child's cutlery set Tiere whilst in Germany which is of good quality and long lasting. I lost the large spoon and could not believe the same set is available online but not in stock and I am awaiting confirmation of it back in stock. As I wish to pass a new set to my gran children because of the high quality of product.
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