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WMF Kitchen Scissors: Long-Lasting Performance

WMF Kitchen Scissors were designed to meet all your culinary needs day after day, with premium materials and exceptional sharpness that stands the test of time. Discover perfect cutting made easy: Extra-sharp blades at a curved angle, a high-precision cutting edge and dual contact points, with soft-touch handles, enhanced ergonomics, practical extras and expert craftsmanship in long-lasting Cromargan®: 18/10 stainless steel. The result is comfort, performance and durability as only WMF can deliver.

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Exceptional cutting performance
Discover kitchen scissors at WMF standards of quality: extra-sharp blades at a curved angle, a high-precision cutting edge and dual contact points—for superior sharpness that stands the test of time.
High-quality Cromargan®
Crafted from robust, sleek Cromargan®: stainless steel 18/10—rust-proof, hygienic, acid-resistant and extremely hard-wearing—for exceptional durability and a stylish aesthetic.
Enhanced ergonomics
The smart design and well-crafted ergonomics come together with soft-touch handles to offer a pleasant feel and comfortable grip—for high-precision cutting with total ease and peace of mind.
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Kitchen scissors


Loose screw
My mother-in-law gave my mom and I a pair of these as a gift and both pair‘s screw got loose after 2 months’ use and they are never the same again. The screw keeps coming loose after few uses that we have to tighten them all the time! Annoying and disappointing!
The stainless steel of the scissors rust so easily. I have rust spots on the blade of the scissors... unbelievable! It's not cheap at all
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