The quick and easy way to make knives sharp again

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WMF Knife Sharpener: Quick and Easy Sharpening

The WMF Knife Sharpener offers quick and easy sharpening, for a straightforward solution that keeps all your favorite kitchen knives in prime condition over time. Discover a rapid and comfortable single-stage sharpening process with durable metal disks offering perfect results in just seconds. Ergonomic and safe handling is assured through the smart and comfortable design, with non-slip foam rubber feet for exceptional stability and security—for sharpening that's fast, easy and safe.
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Quick and easy sharpening
In just a few short seconds, all your favorite kitchen knives* are restored to their peak sharpness quickly and effortlessly—exceeding sharp and good as new.
Ergonomic design
Designed for sharpening in total comfort, the ergonomic design offers a simple and easy grip.
Single-step sharpening
Achieve efficient sharpening in just one simple step, with durable metal disks suitable for restoring full sharpness to standard kitchen knives and straight-blade knives.
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*not suitable for use on coated knives, double serrated-cut knives and culinary scissors
*not suitable for use on coated knives, all serrated knives and culinary scissors