Kult French Press

The Kult Collection by WMF: Your next design obsession

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The Kult Collection Stovetop Coffee Maker by WMF

Classic French press coffee-making, perfected: The Kult Collection French Press Coffee Maker by WMF ensures flawless flavor and texture day after day, with a smooth modern design overflowing with style and attitude. Experience the incomparable pleasure of French press coffee-making, with the simple combination of hot water and pressure to extract endless coffee flavor and aroma—with a playful modern aesthetic that never fails to impress.
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Perfect French press coffee
French press coffee-making that looks as good as it tastes, for irresistibly invigorating coffee flavor and texture at the highest standards of quality.
Perfect 8-cup capacity
The versatile format is ideal both for daily use and when entertaining friends and family, offering perfect coffee fit for any occasion.
Environmentally friendly
Enjoy delicious coffee while doing your part to protect the environment, with a French press coffee-making process that requires no paper or plastic filters.
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Product Name
Kult French Press
Active part material
Stainless Steel



Alessandra Moraes de Barros
I loved the press!
Im from Brazil and I bought this press in Germany. Its very good. I lost a little peace that fixs the filter and I want to know how can I found this in Brazil or if the WMF can send to me. Somebody can Help me? My email: [email protected]
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