Magnet knife block plus cutting board

A safe, versatile and open storage system for kitchen knives

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WMF Magnetic Knife Block and Cutting Board Holder

The WMF Magnetic Knife Block and Cutting Board Holder offers the best of both worlds—a convenient, space-saving storage system that proudly displays your kitchen knives while ensuring knives and cutting board are always close at hand. This chic storage system offers an eye-catching contrast of all-natural oak with the modern convenience of magnetic mounting, delivering the perfect mix of innovative storage, sleek design, and easy access that's ideal for all your daily cooking needs.
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Stylish magnetic system
Combining a sleek oak aesthetic with all the convenience of magnetic open storage, discover the perfect system for storing kitchen knives with total style and convenience.
Blade-friendly cutting board
<p>A cutting board at WMF standards of quality, expertly crafted in bamboo for effortless care and easy, comfortable cutting that's safe for all your kitchen knives.</p>


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Magnet knife block plus cutting board


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