Pollo Poultry Shears

<p>The ideal design and materials for poultry cut to perfection</p>

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<p>Silit Poultry Shears: Chicken Cut to Perfection</p>

Offering robust, long-lasting performance, Silit poultry shears are the perfect tool for all your poultry-cutting needs. With a special design that optimizes power transmission from handles to cutting edge, these exceptional culinary scissors make perfect results effortless. The curved and hardened blades are expertly crafted from high-quality stainless steel, with smart features like a soft-touch handle, a built-in bone crusher and a safety lock for effortless storage.

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<p>Robust cutting for poultry</p>
<p>These high-quality poultry shears offer robust performance for all your poultry cutting needs, with a unique design that ensures optimum power transmission from handles to cutting edge.</p>
<p>Exceptional cutting performance</p>
<p>Discover poultry shears  at Silit standards of quality: Extra-sharp blades at a curved angle with a high-precision cutting edge—for superior sharpness that stands the test of time.</p>
<p>Built-in bone breaker</p>
<p>Break through tough bones and cartilage with total ease with the built-in bone-crusher, completing the perfect poultry cutting package.</p>
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Pollo Poultry Shears


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