Sommelier set 5 pcs. Baric

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5-piece Baric Sommelier Wine Set

With the complete 5-piece WMF Baric Sommelier Wine Set, serve and store wine in style. Start by effortlessly removing the capsule using the sharp foil cutter, then professionally uncork the bottle with the corkscrew and allow it to breathe before enjoying. Finally, use the elegant wine pourer to serve each glass, then create an airtight seal with the bottle stopper to preserve the wine's bouquet for days. Also included is a premium bottle opener that has been optimized for effortless use.
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Stunning set
Exquisite materials, careful workmanship and excellent functionality ensure premium WMF quality.
Professional uncorking
First, effortlessly remove the capsule using the foil cutter, then professionally uncork the bottle with the corkscrew.
Airtight seal
The stopper creates an airtight seal on any wine bottle, slowing down the oxidation process that causes wine to spoil. Not suitable for champagne or sparkling wine bottles.
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Product Name
Sommelier set 5 pcs. Baric
Active part material
Stainless Steel


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