Storio Multi-Function Bowl Set 3-piece

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Storio Multi-Function Bowl Set 3-piece

Whatever the situation, the Silit Storio Multi-Function Glass Bowl Set is the solution. Crafted from premium-quality, flavor-neutral glass, each bowl goes from cooking and preparation to stylish serving, thanks to a stunning aesthetic that looks great on any table. Leftovers then head straight to the refrigerator or freezer for storage, thanks to 100% BPA-free lids with an aroma-tight seal that keeps odors locked inside. When it's time for reheating, the same container goes into the microwave or oven, while take away is just as easy thanks to a clip-closure, leak-proof design. Finally, into to the dishwasher it goes for effortless clean-up and perfect hygiene. Even cupboard storage is a breeze, thanks to the stackable design!


Product advantages

6-in-1 design
A smart multi-functional design for preparing, serving, reheating, storing, freezing and takeaway—all in the same container. Crafted from high-quality glass with dedicated, leak-proof lids.
Aroma-tight lid
The 100% BPA-free, clip-closure lids lock aromas and odors in all while keeping food fresh for longer. Ideal for an odor-free refrigerator.
Leak-proof closure
Enjoy your favorite food on the go—wherever you go—thanks to the leak-proof seal.
Flavor-neutral glass
Premium glass ensures a neutral taste and perfect hygiene, with no impact on the taste or quality of the bowl's contents.
The heat-resistant glass bowls are safe for use in the microwave to heat up leftovers.* *without lids
The glass bowls are also safe for use in the oven, making them perfect for cooking or heating up your favorite dishes.* *without lids
Safe for use in the refrigerator, making leftover storage easy.
Safe for use in the freezer, for preparing and storing a wide range of delicious dishes in advance.
The dishwasher-safe design ensures effortless clean-up and perfect hygiene. The silicon seal can also be removed for additional cleaning.


Product Name Storio Multi-Function Bowl Set 3-piece
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