Waiters knife Clever & More

Professional tools for the kitchen and bar

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A must-have for wine lovers

The Clever & More Sommelier Knife by WMF is the ideal tool for every bottle of wine. Its small, sharp blade effortlessly cuts and removes the capsule on the bottle neck, while the sturdy coil of the corkscrew twists into the cork, removing it with ease. This small, essential waiter's knife is rounded off by a practical bottle opener.
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3-in-1 function
With a foil cutter, corkscrew and bottle opener, the sommelier knife is an impressive tool for every home bar.
Simple lever mechanism
Thanks to the single-step lever corkscrew, all types of corks—even longer varieties—are effortlessly removed.
Sharp foil cutter
Effortlessly cuts all kinds of capsules, leaving the cork neatly exposed.


Product Name
Waiters knife Clever & More
BPA free


Extremely awkward to use
While of solid construction, this opener functions extremely poorly. The notch does not fit on the bottle securely, and the fulcrum of the lever is in the wrong place to get good leverage. Finally, it's awkward to finish removing the cork since there is no 2nd levering point.
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