Water decanter 1.0 L Basic

Stylish pouring in a refreshingly clear design

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A slender shape and clever functionality

The stunning Basic Water Decanter features a slender, elegant shape that cuts a fine figure on every table while fitting perfectly in the hand. At the same time, its clever CloseUp stopper opens and closes automatically and ensures drip-free pouring. For added convenience, a built-in strainer holds back ice cubes and pieces of fruit, making sophisticated serving a breeze.
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Clever stopper
Enjoy precise, drip-free pouring. The clever CloseUp stopper opens and closes automatically thanks to a special tilting mechanism, while the built-in strainer holds back ice and pieces of fruit.
Easy to fill
The convenient wide opening ensures easy filling.
Built-in strainer
The lid, which can be completely dismantled and cleaned in the dishwasher, includes a built-in strainer to hold back ice cubes and pieces of fruit.
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Product Name
Water decanter 1.0 L Basic
Active part material
1 L


WMF carafe Cap does not stay in place
The cap for the carafe does not sit in place. When its completely dry you can turn the cap after pushing it down, it will stay, however when you have water in it, it does not stay in place. Design Flaw in my opinion with so many people having the same problem.
The cap
The cap does not stay in place.It does not sit well,slips up and falls off while pouring.Very embarrassing when guests are using this.
Faulty top
I have the same problem as the previous reviewer, the silicon lid will not stay in position and when pouring out the water, the whole lid comes out, too.
Beautiful but not useful
The "smart closure" is functional and elegant, and that is the reason I purchased this carafe. However, the silicone top will not stay in the glass carafe, and as a result when I pour water the entire top assembly pops out. I've tried all types of soaps and washing/drying techniques, in an effort to get a better seal and adhesion between the glass and silicone -- with no success. I am wondering if the QA/QC on the glass carafe manufacture was inadequate and the circumference of the glass opening is out of tolerance (slightly too large).
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