WMF Durado Wok Pan 28cm

WMFs robust wok pan for versatile daily cooking

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The WMF Durado Wok Pan

The WMF Durado Wok Pan features the perfect format for a wide variety of Asian culinary delights, ensuring all your favorite recipes cooked to perfection. Mouth-watering stir-fries and curries are easier than ever, with a high-performance ceramic coating that's ideal for daily use. Ultra-hard and durable, the wok pan is even capable of withstanding temperatures up to 400° C, for dishes that go straight from stovetop to oven.
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Ceramic Coating
<p>With its hard mineral construction, ceramic offers a highly robust coating that is heat-resistant up to 400°C, for excellent cooking results and easy cleaning.</p>
<p>Crafted from robust, sleek Cromargan®: stainless steel 18/10, for exceptional durability and hygiene that is dishwasher-safe*.</p> <p>*Not dishwasher-safe when coated</p>
<p>Oven-safe design</p>
<p>Versatile cookware that rises to any cooking challenge, with a stainless steel handle that let you go from stovetop to oven with flawless results.*</p> <p>*Maximum heat resistance of the individual components to be taken into account</p>
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WMF Durado Wok Pan 28cm


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