WMF KITCHENminis Glass Kettle Vario 1.0 l

Compact glass kettle that doubles as a tea maker

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WMF KITCHENminis Glass Kettle Vario 1.0 l

The WMF KITCHENminis Vario Glass Kettle Vario 1.0 l is a sleek and compact appliance that makes an excellent addition to any kitchen. WMF's exclusive patented Cromargan® ensures robust, long-lasting performance, while our high-quality WMF glass is extremely resistant to heat and changes in temperature. This elegant kettle also doubles as a tea maker, with five temperature controls for flawless brewing results on all your favorite tea varieties.
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2-in-1 kettle and tea maker
Experience the best of both worlds, with one appliance that serves both as an electric kettle and a tea maker, with five variable temperature settings for delicious and satisfying tea brewed to perfection.
Five temperature settings
The perfect setting for all your favorite tea varieties. Choose from 60° C, 70° C, 80° C, 90° C or 100° C, with an alert sound to let you know when the selected temperature has been reached.
1900W of power
Outstanding results are within reach with 1900W of power ensuring quick-boiling performance.
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Product Name
WMF KITCHENminis Glass Kettle Vario 1.0 l
1900 W
1.0 L
Temperature selector
Water level indicator
Additional included accessories
Removable aroma micro strainer, built in tea bag holder
Indicator light
Automatic stop



It leaks after a year of usage
The kettle is wonderful, the idea is nice, but it leaks from the bottom and the hole becomes larger with time.
Yamato Singapore
Corroded stainless steel top ring frame
I am disappointed to bought this Vario kettle. Within 4 months of usage, I spotted the top ring frame was corroded.
I hope the sales of this vario kettle should temporary halt until a better quality ring frame is replace to prevent corrosion. I believe it was corroded due to the fact that the material was not a stainless steel but a iron material plated or chrome to look like stainless steel.... It is unbelievable that the material can corroded at such a short period of time. If I continue to use it will get corroded more in time to come. Please improve its quality as the price tag of this Vario kettle didn't come cheap
The size of the keetle was just nice for small family. But I wants to emphasize that quality safety comes first as it is a product that we are using it for consumption.
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