WMF Lono Glass kettle 1.7 L

Elegant and high-performance kettle made from high-quality SCHOTT DURAN® glass

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WMF Lono Glass Kettle: High-Performance Glass

The Lono Glass Kettle by WMF ensures lightning-quick boiling with a 3000W output and performance that's built to last. This stylish cordless electric kettle was engineered with high-quality SCHOTT DURAN® glass, a material that's ideal for everyday use: easy to clean, heat-resistant, with a completely neutral taste. Discover an easy-to-use electric kettle designed for total safety and comfort, with a variety of smart features.
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Cordless 360° design
A smart design featuring a 360° standalone base with cord winder and a high-quality SCHOTT DURAN® glass kettle, ensuring exceptional performance for all your everyday boiling needs.
Enhanced safety features
Boiling with total peace of mind thanks to the dry run and overheating protection, automatic boiling cut-off and locking lid.
Premium-quality glass
SCHOTT DURAN® glass is heat-resistant, stable, and easy to clean, with a neutral taste that's ideal for everyday boiling.
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Product Name
WMF Lono Glass kettle 1.7 L
3000 W
1.7 L
Water level indicator
Automatic stop



Horrible sounds when it's ready
It's a beautiful Kettle, I really like the design, managing buttons can be improved, can be intuitive but it's ok. But it makes loud beeping signals when the water is ready, and it continues, it does not stop until I come and press the off button. It's super annoying! Wakes up all the house! Unfortunately, I have to return it just because of that
Ronen G
Ronen G
excellent design and function but very disappointing to find out that the plastic components are the weak point...after a while the small plastic holder of the lid was broken and not possible to close the lid anymore.
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