WMF Lono Sous Vide Cooker Pro

Two-in-one precision sous-vide cooker with integrated slow-cook function

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WMF Lono Sous Vide Cooker and Slow Cooker

The WMF Lono 2-in-1 Sous Vide Cooker and Slow Cooker is the secret for bringing professional-quality gourmet results to your home cooking. Ultra-precise temperature regulation with even temperature distribution ensures gentle sous vide cooking at its very finest: utterly tender results bursting with flavor, with up to 40% more minerals and 20% more vitamins retained. The end result is a difference you can taste in every irresistible mouthful, from starter to dessert.
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Exceptional precision
Sous vide cooking with ultra-precise temperature regulation and high-temperature precision, for gourmet cuisine at uncompromising standards of quality.
2-in-1 versatility
All the best of sous vide cooking—up 40% more minerals and 20% more vitamins retained, exceptional flavor and tender, juicy results—and the slow-cooker for delicious meals that are worth the wait.
Variable temperatures
Variable temperature settings from 35 °C to 90 °C for customized temperature control suited to your needs.
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WMF Lono Sous Vide Cooker Pro



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