WMF Lumero Multi-kettle

The kettle for more than boiling water

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WMF Lumero Multi-Use Kettle: Sublime Tea-Making

The WMF Lumero Electric Kettle is an eye-catching appliance that fuses style with function, with a stylish design featuring LED lights for a kettle like none other. Experience water boiled to perfection in no time and more: In-kettle tea-brewing with variable temperature settings and a tea strainer insert, with a versatile glass insert and simmering function for homemade yogurt, gentle heating of baby food, melting chocolate, and more.
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More than a kettle
Water boiled to perfection and so much more: in-kettle tea brewing, homemade yogurt, melting chocolate, and gentle warming of specialty foods such as baby food.
Crafted from robust, sleek Cromargan®: stainless steel 18/10, the housing ensures exceptional durability with an exquisite aesthetic that never fails to impress.
Illuminated 360° design
A cordless kettle and separate 360° base with cord winder—for delicious tea and coffee made simple—comes together with a sleek modern aesthetic featuring LED lights for a stylish drinking experience.
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WMF Lumero Multi-kettle



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