WMF Perfection Water Filter

Perfect coffee flavor begins with perfectly filtered water

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WMF Perfection Water Filter: Pure and Uncompromising Flavor

The WMF Perfection Water Filter lives up to its name, with high-performance filtration that ensures coffee at its very purest. Start your brewing cycle with this essential building block for delicious coffee bursting with flavor and aroma, thanks to exceptional filtration that delivers optimized results to your cup every time. This water filter also reduces limescale build-up—enhancing the flavor of the final result while also promoting longer product life for your appliance.
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Perfect filtration
With the WMF Perfection Water Filter, achieving perfect coffee flavor has never been easier, with high-performance filtration ensuring pure and uncompromising results time after time.
Optimized coffee taste
For a final result bursting with pure coffee flavor, starting your coffee brewing cycle right with filtered water can make all the difference.
Long-lasting performance
A quick and easy maintenance step that promotes longer product life for your automatic espresso machine by running only pure water through the appliance.
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WMF Perfection Water Filter



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