Terms of Use

Terms of use myWMF Customer Club

These Terms of Use shall apply in the version valid at the time the contract is concluded for the use of the myWMF Customer Club ("myWMF") service of the WMF Retail GmbH, WMF Platz 1, 73312 Geislingen an der Steige (hereinafter "WMF", "We") by You as an end user ("You", "user").

1. myWMF content and availability

1.1. myWMF is a free offer from WMF. As a member of myWMF, users enjoy various advantages depending on the status of their membership.

1.2. Since myWMF is a free service, there is no entitlement to uninterrupted use. There is no guarantee that access to or use of myWMF will not be interrupted or impaired by maintenance work, further developments or other disruptions which may also lead to data loss. WMF will use its best efforts to ensure that the myWMF services are as uninterrupted as possible.

1.3. WMF reserves the right to supplement the services offered within the framework of myWMF or to limit the time to use the services provided. As a user, You do not have a right to the retention of certain services or parts. However, WMF will always take your legitimate interests into account.

2.  Registration, conclusion of contract

2.1. To participate in myWMF You need to register. You can register online via our registration form at www.wmf.com or as part of the checkout process in our online shop. If You register in one of our branches or at special events (e.g. trade fair stands), You must confirm your registration by sending us an e-mail with a link to our online form.

2.2. To register with myWMF, You must be of legal age.

2.3. During the registration process You will be asked to specify your access data. These consist of first and last name, your e-mail address and a freely chosen password. You are obliged to provide complete and correct information when registering. If these data change in the course of your usage relationship, You are obliged to correct your data on myWMF immediately in your personal settings. If costs are incurred due to incorrect information, You are obliged to reimburse these costs.

2.4. By sending your registration data, You submit an offer to WMF to conclude a membership (contractual relationship) on the basis of these Terms of Use. WMF is free to decide at its own discretion whether to accept this offer. If your registration is not confirmed within one week by e-mail to the e-mail address You provided, You are no longer bound by your offer.

2.5. Upon receipt of the e-mail confirmation, membership becomes effective on the basis of these Terms of Use and WMF activates the requested access. As of activation, You are entitled to use myWMF.

2.6. The user is not permitted to conclude several myWMF memberships at the same time.

2.7. The user's details on the member account can be edited and supplemented by the user at any time via the customer account. Access to the customer account takes place online via the access data selected by the user during registration. Membership and access data are not transferable. The access data must be kept secret and may not be passed on to third parties.

3.  myWMF Advantages

3.1.    As a member of myWMF You are entitled to participate in the myWMF status program. Depending on the status You have reached as a member, You will receive the following benefits:

  • Welcome bonus (voucher as specified during registration), which can be redeemed in WMF stores or in the WMF online shop from a minimum purchase value of 50€ (if consent to the collection of usage data has been given).
  • Invitations to VIP Sales and WMF cooking shows and events at your favorite store (if favorite store is specified).
  • Annual birthday present (if date of birth is given). Privileged customer hotline for myWMF club members.
  • Easy management of your customer data, orders and returns, your favourite branch via your member account.
  • Personal wish list to store your favourite products for later purchase or as a gift tip for family and friends.

3.2.  From a total turnover of 500 € booked to your member account within one year, You automatically reach the status of Premium Member, which is always valid for one year. The period from the beginning of your membership is decisive here. Once You have reached premium status, it will be valid for one year from that date, but will not expire until the end of that month in the following year. From this date, the annual period for achieving the total turnover of € 500 for the following year also begins to run anew. In order to book purchases to the member account, You must be logged into your myWMF account when making purchases via our online shop. For purchases via our branches, the existing member account must be specified when making a purchase (e.g. via the customer number or the personal QR code).

3.3.  As a Premium Member You also receive the following benefits:

  • 5 % premium discount on every purchase in a WMF store and in the WMF online shop
  • delivery free of shipping costs for purchases from the WMF online shop.

3.4.  In order to benefit from the advantages of being a Premium Member, You must be logged into your myWMF account when making purchases via our online shop. For purchases via our branches, the existing member account must be specified when making a purchase (e.g. via the customer number or the personal QR code).

4.  Recruitment of new members

4.1. Every member has the possibility to recruit new members for myWMF. For this purpose, the new member must register via the personal recruitment link of the existing member, which the member can access via his member account.

4.2. The recruiting member will automatically receive a € 15 gift certificate credited to his or her Member Account as soon as the new recruited member makes the first purchase, specifying a member account.

5.  Term and termination

5.1. Membership is concluded for an indefinite period of time.

5.2. Users can terminate their membership at any time in your account or by contacting us via the contact form.

5.3. WMF reserves the right to terminate the free access in its entirety or to individual services with a notice period of fourteen (14) calendar days to the end of the month.

5.4. Existing vouchers remain valid even after termination.

5.5. Both parties reserve the right to extraordinary termination for good cause (“wichtiger Grund”).

5.6. If a Premium Membership is terminated by WMF, the Premium Member shall continue to receive the benefits under Section 3.3 until the regular end of the Premium Membership. This does not apply in the event of termination for good cause, insofar as the member is responsible for the reason for termination.

6.  Data protection

The collection of data on members in order to be able to submit individual offers to them is an integral part of myWMF. For a responsible and transparent handling of the personal data of members, we inform You comprehensively in our data protection information about which data we process for which purposes.

7.  Liability

7.1. Within the scope of the use of myWMF, WMF's liability for simple negligence (“leichte Fahrlässigkeit”) is excluded, unless the damages are resulting from injury to life, body or health or guarantees or if claims under the Product Liability Act are affected.

7.2. Furthermore, the liability for the breach of obligations, the fulfilment of which enables the proper performance of the user relationship at all and on the observance of which the user may regularly rely, remains unaffected.

7.3. The above liability rules also apply to breaches of duty by WMF's legal representatives and vicarious agents (“Erfüllungsgehilfen”).

8.  Amendments to these Terms of Use

8.1. WMF reserves the right to amend these Terms of Use at any time with effect for the future. Such amendments may, in particular, affect the nature and extent of the advantages of the members pursuant to Section 3. You will be notified of such amendments at least 30 days before the amendments are due to take effect.

8.2. If You do not object within 30 days of receipt of the notification and continue to use the services after the objection period has expired, the amendments shall be deemed to have been agreed effective from the end of that period. In case You object to the amendments, the user relationship will be continued in accordance with the previous conditions. In the event of an objection, WMF reserves the right to terminate the user relationship in accordance with Section 5. In the notification of the amendments You will be informed of your right to object and of the consequences.

9.  Final provisions, consumer dispute settlement

9.1. German law shall apply excluding German international private law and the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. With regard to consumers, this choice of law clause does not affect consumer-protecting provisions which apply in the country in which the consumer has his habitual residence and which may not be deviated from by agreement under the law of that country.

9.2. If the user is a merchant, the exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes in connection with the contractual relationship under these Terms of Use shall be the registered office of WMF. However, WMF is also entitled to file a suit at the user's place of residence at its sole discretion.

9.3. Should any provision of these Terms of Use be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. In such a case, the parties shall be obliged to cooperate in the agreement of a provision which achieves a legally effective result as close as possible to the invalid provision in economic terms. The foregoing shall apply mutatis mutandis to the closing of any gaps in the contract.

9.4. WMF is not prepared and not obliged to participate in a dispute resolution procedure before a consumer arbitration body under the German Consumer Dispute Resolution Act (“Verbraucherstreitbeilegungsgesetz”).


Date: April 2022




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