PURAGAN® stainless steel polish

Beautifully care and shine: The perfect cleaning and maintenance solution

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WMF Purargan® Cleaning Polish: Easy Care and Shine

Purargan by WMF is a proven cleaning agent that offers perfect results on all stainless steel 18/10, as well as copper, brass and pewter. With a cleaning action similar to silver polish, a simple application is all it takes to remove limescale deposits, tarnishes, grease and dirt stains—all while restoring gorgeous luster and shine to all your favorite cutlery, pots, pans, accessories, kitchen knives, and more.
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Perfect care
A proven cleaning agent ensuring quick and easy polishing and care for all WMF Cromargan®: stainless steel 18/10 surfaces, from cookware to cutlery, as well as copper, brass and pewter.
Smooth and easy cleaning
A simple application of Purargan® effortlessly removes limescale deposits, tarnishes, grease and dirt stains—while returning polished finishes to their full luster.
Perfect care
Perfect care for all your stainless steel cutleries, pots, pans and accessories - for exceptional durability, with an elegant finish that never fails to impress. Also applicable for copper, brass and pewter.


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PURAGAN® stainless steel polish



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