Fusiontec Aromatic


The revolutionary WMF Fusiontec Aromatic series now takes aromas to a whole new level and even makes preparing food a real pleasure. The high-quality pots are all equipped with a unique condensation lid that lives up to its title of “Best in Class”. Thanks to optimal fit and weight, the Aromatic condensation lid preserves up to 25% more juice inside the pot*.
Due to the special stainless-steel knobbled surface on the inside of the lid, the condensation is evenly distributed over the food. The result: your dishes taste even more intense and natural.

*Based on tests carried out by an external laboratory for the top three products on the EU market, 2021

Unique condensation lid for succulent, aromatic cooking results.

The special stainless-steel knobbled surface on the inside of the lid evenly distributes the condensation over the food. The special design of the lid also allows cold water or ice cubes to be poured in to further enhance the condensation effect. The result: your dishes taste even more intense and natural.

Made for life.
In Germany.

Fusiontec DetailFusiontec Detail

Outstanding quality, elegant design and maximum functionality make Fusiontec a “partner for life”.

Chefs Edition Damasteel® KollektionChefs Edition Damasteel® Kollektion


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Aromatic perfectly translates our pure elegance- design approach. Functional but very refined details create excitement with a timeless elegance.

Manuel Kühn
WMF Designmanager
Cooking & Preparing

Oven-safe design

Versatile cookware that rises to any cooking challenge, with stainless steel handles and lid that let you go from stovetop to oven with flawless results.


Hollow, stainless-steel handles
for reduced heat when touched

Fusiontec DetailFusiontec Detail

Hollow handles do not become hot when used on the hob as the heat is distributed over a large area by means of welding spots on the pot.


Particularly suitable for roasts and stews.

Fusiontec DetailFusiontec Detail

Look forward to special roasting and stewing results with the Fusiontec Aromatic series. You will taste and see the difference.


The finest of our best.

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